Employment Data Survey

(Conducted in 2004-2005)

We compiled employment information sent to us by universities who have surveyed military officers that completed their MBAs. To put the numbers in the proper context we decided to look at them relative to the entire MBA market.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average U.S. and European MBA salary levels in 2004 were $75,846. The average compensation package for we researched Military MBAs was $102,275 (i.e., includes base salary and signing bonus). Whereas job placement has dropped anywhere from 25%-33% for most MBAs (a.k.a., for three consecutive years ending in 2004), Military MBAs in our research were seeing 100% rates of employment with as many as 3 job offers upon graduation.

These statistics, along with valuation metrics such as short payback periods, are revealing as Military MBAs continue to outperform and be the strongest sector of the entire graduate pool. The numbers continue to validate the fact that military officers as a student group show tremendous benefit by earning their MBAs.