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MBA Degree Programs

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Science (MS) in Finance
  • MS in Global Supply Chain Management
  • MS in Strategic Management



  • NCA: North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • AACSB: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business


Admission Requirements

Indiana University's Kelley Direct Programs are highly selective. We want students whose academic background, work experience, leadership abilities, and communication skills meet the demands of the program and promise to further an already successful managerial career.

We have found that an understanding of analytical thinking and quantitative tools have a significant influence on success in our programs, so we expect you to be competent in algebra, be comfortable with the use of spreadsheets, and have a basic knowledge of statistics. But no matter what your academic experience or how unusual your background, we encourage you to apply.

Also, as this is an online program, we expect you to have at least basic internet, e-mail, and computer user skills. Please see our Technical Requirements for more information on hardware and software requirements of the program.

Students interested in taking courses in KD as a non-degree student should contact us via email.

As we evaluate degree and certificate applications, we consider:

We look at the cumulative grade point average from each institution you have attended, your area of concentration, the balance of verbal and communications courses and quantitative and analytical courses, and the trend of your grades.

We look for a good balance of verbal and quantitative scores. If you take the GMAT more than once, we look at your highest scores. Scores must be current (within five years of admission) to be considered valid.

Please see or contact your local Prometric Testing Center for information on how to register for the GMAT.

Most successful applicants have two or more years of relevant work experience after an undergraduate degree. We look at full-time and part-time job responsibilities, weighing skills, ability to be promoted within the organization, aptitude for a managerial career, and knowledge of the business environment.

We look at your record to see if you have worked well with other people in an organization and if you have demonstrated leadership abilities, whether on campus, in the community, or in the workplace. In the event your resume does not adequately highlight your leadership abilities, you may also submit a list of activities with your resume.

We review your letter of recommendation to gain a more complete understanding of who you are academically and professionally. As such, the most valuable letter of recommendation comes from someone who knows you well in one or both of these capacities.

This section of the application is an opportunity to demonstrate your writing competency and communication skills, give examples of leadership, and discuss career goals. Provide any information that will help us decide if you can benefit from and contribute to Kelley Direct Programs.

You are required to demonstrate academic proficiency in accounting and statistics prior to matriculation in Kelley Direct. Prerequisites are satisfied with one college-level accounting and one college-level statistics course (both at 200 level or above) with grades of B or better. For more information on satisfying the accounting and statistics prerequisites with a non-credit, online KD primer course, please contact us at

In addition, you are expected to be proficient in Microsoft Excel. Students without the appropriate level of proficiency in Excel should enroll in the KD statistics primer course.

All applicants whose native language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and submit an acceptable score (see TOEFL requirements) to the Kelley Direct Office of Admissions in order to receive full consideration. To ensure timely processing of your TOEFL score, please mail your score directly to Kelley Direct (score report can also be faxed or scanned and emailed), rather than through your agency. The Kelley Direct code to have your TOEFL results submitted is 1324/99. The minimum TOEFL results required for the degree program are a paper-based score of 550, a computer-based minimum of 213, and an internet-based minimum of 79+. There are no exceptions to these requirements.


  • $1,145/credit hour


Description of Learning Environment for Students
The Kelley School has created a virtual classroom environment in which students regularly interact with faculty and each other to maximize the learning experience. Through discussion forums, web-based live meetings, simulations, online chats, streaming video, narrated PowerPoint presentations, and emails, Kelley professors and students interact regularly without sacrificing the flexibility provided by the online format. Even the web-based live meetings are recorded, so you never have to worry about missing a session.

In addition to online classes, KD students participate in two Kelley Connect Weeks (KCWs) on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. The first KCW kicks off the program and allows you to meet the Kelley Deans, faculty, staff, and your peers before you take your first online course. The second KCW usually occurs at the beginning of the second year of the program and allows you to work on a live business case on which a company is currently working. At the end of the week students compete in a case competition, with winning teams presenting their recommendations to the company’s executives.

We understand that your military obligations may impact your ability to travel to Bloomington. We will work with you to reschedule your Kelley Connect Weeks if necessary.


The same faculty that teaches in the Kelley full-time and Evening MBA programs teaches in Kelley Direct. Our professors have been recognized for their teaching excellence, including an “A” for teaching quality by Bloomberg Businessweek.


  • Full-Time MBA Program ranked #19 by Bloomberg Businessweek
  • Evening MBA Program ranked #11 by US News & World Report
  • Kelley faculty received grade of “A” for teaching quality by Bloomberg Businessweek