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MBA Degree Programs

1-Year Program

    • The program enables students to begin in May and graduate the following May.
    • During the ten-week summer semester, students attend intensive sessions in the core disciplines explored during the first year of the Two-Year program. After the summer session, students join the second year of the Two-Year program.
    • You are required to complete 46 credit hours of work over three semesters.
    • Students should not be seeking a major career change as no internship opportunity is available.


2-Year Program

    • In the Two-Year MBA program, you attend classes for four semesters.
    • Each semester consists of two seven-week modules, which gives you greater flexibility in choosing courses to suit your interests and more study abroad and professional development opportunities
    • The Two-Year program is offered on a full-time, regular academic year basis
    • Admission is granted for the fall semester only
    • An Interterm in every semester allows you to enroll in one-week courses to deepen or broaden your expertise or, when coupled with break week, enables you to study in China or Chile
    • You are required to complete 64 credit hours of work over four semesters



AACSB Int'l: The Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business Admission

Admission Requirements

An ideal candidate for the Notre Dame MBA program has a demonstrated history and aptitude for academic success, at least two years of meaningful work experience and leadership qualities that prove he or she will be an active participant in the MBA community and classroom.

1-Year Program

  • Undergraduate degree in business from an accredited US or Canadian University or where the primary course instruction is English.
  • Meet these One-Year prerequisite number of credit hours:
    • Mathematics - 6 credit hours
    • Accounting - 6 credit hours
    • Economics - 6 credit hours
    • Finance - 3 credit hours
    • Marketing - 3 credit hours


2-Year Program

    • Undergraduate degree from an accredited University
    • Familiarity with basic accounting methods and quantitative material
    • Academic preparation in statistics is strongly recommended


International Eligibility

    • The Admissions Committee will consider candidates with non-traditional educational records (i.e. less than 16 years of education) on a case-by-case basis.
    • For example, an Indian candidate may have completed a three year University degree and is currently enrolled or has also completed a one year masters/certificate. This is regarded as sufficient for eligibility.


Description of Learning Environment for Students

The University of Notre Dame's M.B.A. program is solidly based on the vision of its founders to help develop the student's fullest potential and send him or her forth to make a difference in the world. This is accomplished by developing in the student the following portfolio of skills: critical thinking, teamwork, effective communication, a global business perspective, and the manager's ability to make practical and ethical business decisions. With more than 100 elective courses, six concentration tracks, and two formats, the Notre Dame M.B.A. program provides students with a challenging and flexible educational experience grounded in three primary principles:

Individual Integrity - We are constantly reminded of why integrity must be at the heart of every business decision. Whether it is a financial crisis or an organizational failure, the origin is often a lapse in leadership. We ask our students to examine the intersection of values and everyday judgments, where what’s right isn’t always black and white. We ask more.

Effective Organizations - With a keen ability to solve problems, a manager can yield dramatic organizational results by innovating, improving processes, viewing situations in a new light and, ultimately, influencing the performance of an organization in marked ways. We ask our students to address problems with a methodical and open mind, to develop rigorous habits to systematically discover and enact solutions. We ask more.

Greater Good - Father Edward Sorin, Notre Dame’s founder, envisioned a University that would be a force for good in society. For more than 150 years, his words have inspired our graduates to ask more as they lead a business and other industries. More importantly, our graduates leverage their individual success to help solve global challenges. We ask more.


Faculty Facts
Total number of faculty: 155
Full-time tenured: 60
Full-time non-tenured: 57
Adjuncts: 38
Female faculty: 33
International: 11
Ph.D, JD: 120


For the 2012-2013 academic year, tuition is $43,460 (an additional $16,950 for the summer session for the One-Year Program only). Estimate a five percent tuition increase each year.


Graduate Program Rankings:
Aspen Institute - Beyond Grey Pinstripes (2011)
- #4 worldwide among the top-ranked 30 MBA programs

BusinessWeek - The Best B-Schools MBA Programs (2010)
- #24 among the top-ranked 30 graduate business schools

Graduates with Military Backgrounds

Nearly ten percent of the students in the Notre Dame MBA Two-Year Program Class of 2011 have military backgrounds. Select alumni include:

Jason Frei
ND MBA '06
Jason Frei served as a Marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Currently, Jason is a Program Manager for the Defense Space and Security Division at the Boeing Company.

Former branch of service, rank, position and station:
Major, United States Marine Corps (Retired) - 0802 Field Artillery

Don Mark Livesay
ND MBA '99
Currently an Enterprise Business Architect at USAA in San Antonio, Mark served as a field artillery officer in various duty stations throughout the United States and Europe.

Former branch of service, rank, position and station:
US Army, Field Artillery Officer, Captain, Various stations in the U.S. & Germany.