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Contact Information

Jones Graduate School of Business
P.O. Box 2932-MS 531
Houston, Texas 77252-2932
Phone: 713-348-4918 or 888-844-4773
Fax: 713-348-6147
Web: http://business.rice.edu/

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MBA Degree Programs

• MBA/ME (coordinated degree with Engineering)
• MBA/PSM (coordinated degree with Professional Sciences)
• MBA/MD (dual degree with Baylor College of Medicine)
• MBA for Professionals
• MBA for Executives
• PhD


• Completed Jones School MBA application
• Transcripts of all college level work
• GMAT or GRE score (both tests may be required if applying to coordinated degree program please see business.rice.edu)
• TOEFL exam for international student, if undergraduate degree was not taught in English
• Application fee of $125 (waived for active and veteran military)
• One confidential evaluation if from current, direct supervisor; otherwise two are required
• Resume
• Two personal essays and one optional video upload

Learning Environment for Students

The Rice MBA is earned in an intimate, focused, and interactive environment that encourages both independent thinking and strong relationships. As a result, Rice MBA programs mesh with today's business world and foster thinking that can shape the future.

The Rice MBA is not just a business education; it is a strategic development program. Our curriculum emphasizes real-world experience, strong core business knowledge, ethical leadership skills, and continuous executive development.

Our students develop business knowledge in theory and in practice. The Rice MBA's unique Action Learning Project assigns teams of four to six students to address real business problems faced by host companies. During these intensive ten-week internships, students develop teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills. In addition, they deepen their knowledge of core business concepts through on-the-job experience.

The Rice MBA also emphasizes the value of leadership, communication, and ethics. Our MBA communications program includes regular Intensive Learning Experiences (ILEs) in leadership, communication, and negotiation. Each core course also provides numerous opportunities for skill development and practice.


The Jones School is home to an elite group of professors featuring some of the world's best business minds. Rice MBA students fine them engaging and accessible. Their wealth of knowledge and participation in ground breaking research creates an invaluable classroom experience.

The specialties of Jones Graduate School professors include a wide spectrum of essential academic areas. The depth and breadth of their knowledge results in a well-rounded and compelling curriculum that prepares students to become effective management leaders.

For more information on Rice MBA faculty, please visit our faculty page.


• MBA Full-Time - Tuition is $53,000 annually for the Class of 2018
• MBA for Professionals - Tuition for the Class of 2018 (both years of the program) is $98,500 for the evening program. Tuition for the Class of 2018 (both years of the program) is $102,000 for the weekend program
• MBA for Executives - Tuition for the Class of 2018 (both years of the program) is $115,000.


The Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University is proud to announce the launch of the Military Scholars Program. This program is the result of a group of generous community members who wanted to acknowledge, honor, and support those who proudly serve our country. The Military Scholars Program will provide scholarships to cover tuition, fees, and expected living expenses for selected applicants who wish to pursue their educational dream of obtaining the Rice MBA degree. Please visit http://www.business.rice.edu/msp/ for more information.

We waive the application fee for all active duty and military veterans.