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Latest Employment Data Show Military MBAs in High Demand

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Military officers with Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are in high demand among both Fortune 500 companies and the armed forces. This according to employment figures released by Military MBA, the nation's largest network of leading universities with degree programs for active, reserve and retired military officers.

Surveys conducted by Military MBA schools reveal that officers are the strongest performing and most sought after segment of the MBA graduate pool. In national employment surveys, military personnel with MBAs commanded an average salary and compensation package of $102,275. In comparison, the National Center for Education Statistics reports the average salary for civilian MBAs in the United States was $75,000 in 2003. And while job placement for MBAs has declined 25-33 percent, Military MBAs are reporting 100 percent employment with as many as three job offers upon graduation.

"When officers combine military leadership with an MBA, it's a winning combination for all types of employers", notes Greg Eisenbarth, Military MBA executive director. The typical military officer:

  • manages million-dollar budgets at a young age;
  • practices resource allocation and is experienced at accomplishing tasks with fewer resources;
  • is accustomed to high levels of responsibility; and
  • understands the value of teams and deploys them effectively.


Officers' military careers benefit from an MBA as well, and they are encouraged by the armed forces to earn their master's degree while on reserve or active duty. Officers with graduate degrees are recruited for strategic, high profile projects and are more likely to get promoted than officers without an MBA.

The Military MBA website provides resources for armed forces personnel who are trying to determine the value of a graduate degree for their military or civilian careers, and identify those accredited degree programs that are the most recognized by employers. Results from the employment survey and a free guide entitled "Eleven Keys to Success: Why Military Officers Make Successful MBAs," are available at

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