The following employer organizations place value on hiring former military. They have either hired, are looking to place and/or have a history of hiring, or promoting, former military officers and personnel. These companies are as follows.

Diversified Industrial / Energy

General Electric Company (GE), subsidiary operations such as GE Supply Logistics, Georgia Pacific, ConocoPhillips, Unisource, DTE Energy, Corning, ITT Industries, Ashland, MeadWestvaco, NiSource.

Healthcare Companies

Johnson & Johnson, J&J Guidant Medical, Pfizer Inc., Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Inc, HCA.

Government Agencies

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Department of Defense (DoD), DoD-US Strategic Command, NASA, Veterans Affairs (VA), State Gov't Agencies.

Defense Contractors

L-3 Communications, Northrop Grumman Mission System, Lockheed Martin, Hughes Electronics, Alliant Techsystems, Thales North America.

Communications & Technology

Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS), Harris Corporation, Verizon, EMS Technologies.

Finance/Investment Banking

Wachovia Bank N.A., Capital One, UBS Financial Services, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Bear Sterns, Prudential Financial, Mellon Financial, Soctiabank, Merrill Lynch, MMA Financial, MuniMae, AIG Insurance, Ambac Financial Group, Household International-Consumer Lending, Hibernia, Kinder Morgan, Marshall & Ilsley, Pinnacle West Capital, SouthTrust.

Management Consulting & Agencies

Arthur Andersen Business Consulting, KPMG Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton.

Transportation Companies

Ford Motor Company, FedEx, Universal Am-Can, Ltd., Continental Airlines, Jet Blue Airways.

Consumer Organizations

Procter & Gamble, Nike, PepsiCo, American Express, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., NY Times, Washington Post, Circuit City, Sprint, Hormel Foods, L'Oreal USA, Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Costco, Viacom, Housing Headquarters.

Companies Headed by CEOs Who Were Formerly Military Officers

(a.k.a., They Value Officer Profile and Actively Recruitment Officers)

Fred Smith, CEO FedEx (Marines)
W. Alan McCollough, CEO Circuit City Stores (Navy)
James Mulva, CEO ConocoPhillips (Navy)
Steven Reinemund, CEO PepsiCo (Marines)
James Houghton, CEO Corning (Army Reserve)
Alan G. Laffley, CEO Procter & Gamble (Navy)
Art Ryan, CEO Prudential Financial (Army)
Sumner Redstone, CEO Viacom (Army)
Ian Seidenberg, CEO Verizon (Army)
Joe Grano, CEO UBS Financial Services (Army)
Joel Johnson, CEO Hormel Foods (Army)
Martin McGuinn, CEO Mellon Financial (Marines)
Gordon Bethune, CEO Continental Airlines (Navy)
Robert Stevens, CEO Lockheed Martin (Marines)
Harry Pearce, Chairman Hughes Electronics (Air Force)
Louis Giuliano, CEO ITT Industries (Army)
Donald Graham, CEO Washington Post (Army)
Russell Lewis, CEO NY Times (Army Nat'l Guard)
Phil Knight, CEO Nike (Army Reserve)
Anthony Earley, Jr., CEO DTE Energy (Navy)
Richard Keyser, CEO W.W. Gringer (Army)
Al Hansen, CEO EMS Technologies (Air Force)
Paul David Miller, CEO Alliant Techsystems (Navy)
Phillip Lassiter, CEO Ambac Financial Group (Navy)
James O'Brien, CEO Ashland (Army)
Jack Bovendor, CEO HCA (Navy)
J. Herbert Boydstun, CEO Hibernia (Army Reserve)
Richard Kinder, CEO Kinder Morgan (Army)
Dennis Kuester, CEO Marshall & Ilsley (Army Nat'l Guard)
John Luke, Jr., CEO MeadWestvaco (Air Force)
Gary Neale, CEO NiSource (Navy)
William Post, CEO Pinnacle West Capital (Army Reserve)
Wallace Malone, Jr., CEO SouthTrust (Air Force Nat'l Guard)
Dr. Lawrence Cavaiola, CEO Thales North America (Navy)

Organization HR Executives

(a.k.a., Formerly Military Officers)

Jim Chaney, VP HR, Georgia Pacific (Air Force)
Fred Wong, Head of HR, Defense Intelligence Agency (Army)
John Matthews, HR & Risk Management, Costco Wholesale Corp. (Navy)
Terry Brooks, Regional HR Director, Unisource Inc. (Air Force)

Other Employment Resources

We maintain a database of 150 employers that hire for thousands of management positions each year. Some of these companies include:

The City of Atlanta, Fidelity Investments, Baxter Healthcare, Wells Fargo Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Internal Revenue Service, Bank of America, Household International, Aetna Insurance, American Express, LA Dept. of Health and Hospitals, Kaiser Permanente, Pratt & Whitney, Coors Brewing Company, FedEx, IBM, Harley-Davidson Motor Co., NASA, Sprint and Genetech and General Mills.

As the void in leadership becomes increasingly obvious, most of these companies will choose to initially hire their way out of management challenges rather than promote from within.