Why an MBA?

An MBA offers unique knowledge and networks needed to excel both in and outside the military. If you want to advance or transition, we can help you succeed. Use the links below for useful perspectives on why you should get an MBA degree.


Value of an MBA

Results from a recent poll with officers regarding the value of an MBA.

We polled one hundred officers who have completed their MBA degrees.The results were insightful and demonstrate the value of getting an MBA.

Q1) What are your reasons for pursuing an MBA?
Q2) What do you value most that motivates you to earn an MBA?
Q3) What resources do you find most helpful in learning about the MBA?

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Why Military Officers Make Successful MBAs

While earning an MBA can be a worthwhile pursuit for anyone, some students benefit far more than others.

Our research indicates that military officers currently realize significant benefit from earning their MBA degrees. What follows are important criteria that explain why military officers make successful MBAs.

  • Leadership Experience
  • Academic Background
  • Sources of Funding Available

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Path to MBA

As with any path in life, becoming an MBA is part personal (self), part people (relationship) and part process (environment). As you determine if an MBA is the right path for you, we would suggest the following.

1) Know Yourself & Your Situation
2) Involve Others
3) Understand That It's A Process

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Cost-Benefit Analysis

Do the benefits outweigh the costs of getting an MBA degree? In this section, we take an objective look at the costs and benefits to getting a graduate degree in business.

There are two costs to consider in acquiring an MBA: out-of-pocket costs and opportunity costs (or foregone income). Benefits include greater compensation, better job assignments and more employment flexibility.

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