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Military MBA Poll Suggests Future Officer Retention Will Require Improved Education Benefits, GI Bill Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In celebration of Veteran's Day and recognizing those who serve our country, Military MBA recently conducted a poll of military officers concerning what motivated them to stay or retire from active duty, and requested their perspective on current education benefits offered by the armed forces. Preliminary poll results have particular relevance for the military as they shed light on a battle that's been waged for years - turnover of young, high-potential officers.

According to the Military MBA poll:

  • Education topped the list of benefits most likely to retain military officers. However, many feel current tuition assistance programs such as the G.I. Bill need to be updated. Approximately 10% surveyed expressed overall satisfaction of current military education benefits. Widespread recognition of the need to revise military education benefits has prompted many politicians to call for a new G.I. Bill for the 21st Century.
  • At the other end of the spectrum, some 17% surveyed said they were leaving the service, regardless of incentives offered to keep them.
  • This left nearly 75% who felt additional time and resources for education could persuade them to stay. A popular suggestion among these officers was to provide
    leave - from six to twelve months - from active duty for graduate-level studies.


"Military officers don't define education as more military training," explains Greg Eisenbarth, Military MBA executive director. "They want advanced degrees such as the MBA for broader management perspective so they can make more of an impact within the military. They also want flexibility and time to properly complete their studies."

One in four officers expressed that time, rather than additional money, stood in their way of getting a master's degree. According to one Army Captain interviewed: "If the Army would have let me go to graduate school, I would have stayed. It is more getting the time, than the money." Final results of the Military MBA poll will be released by the end of year, and will be available at

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