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Military Officers Define Value of MBA: Military MBA Poll Suggests Focus on Career, Not Money

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The latest poll by Military MBA suggests that, for the majority of military officers, the value of obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is most often defined by the prospect of future career opportunities. Employment data shows that an MBA degree translates to higher earnings, but officers ranked income potential as second in what motivates them to pursue the degree.

According to this value poll, officers also feel that acquiring more business skills and knowledge through an MBA program will add value to their existing leadership experience and technical competencies.

With 40% of the current corporate management population reaching retirement within the next four years, these Value Poll results are particularly relevant to corporate recruiters. According to a Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive Business School survey, approximately 75% of corporate recruiters cited leadership potential as a critical attribute required of MBA job candidates.

With proven track records of leadership experience in one of America's largest organizations - the Armed Forces - officers with MBAs are uniquely poised to fill the coming corporate retirement gap and capitalize on corporate management demand. This is validated by officers transitioning out of the military. Most of these former officers are reporting 100% employment to Military MBA, with as many as three job offers upon graduation with an MBA degree.

Results from the Value Poll and helpful information and resources for military officers considering an MBA are available here.

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