Scholarship Application


Any U.S. resident with an undergraduate/bachelor's degree who has served in the military can apply. Scholarship award money must be used toward graduate business degree education with member schools. We would recommend that you review our list of member schools and the degree programs they offer before you apply. Our scholarships can not be used in conjunction with any other full scholarship awards. Applicants must be prospective MBA students who are not actively matriculating in, or graduated from, an MBA degree program.


The deadline for this round of scholarship applications is June 30, 2024.

Application details

To be considered for Military MBA's Merit Scholarships, your application packet (which includes the online application form below and all supporting documentation mailed to us) must be completed before the entry deadline. Please see the requirements' checklist for complete details.

Official Grade Transcripts. You must request official grade transcripts and have the school you graduated from send us a hard copy of your official transcripts in a properly sealed, stamped, and well-identified envelope.

Two Letters of Recommendation. One LOR must come from a recent supervising officer, the other provided by a recent member of the military who was under the applicant's leadership/command. (Please consider applicant's strengths, how she/he compares to others in a similar position and relevant comments about aptitude for advanced study. Also, an applicant's leadership profile from both a team and professional perspective will be duly noted.)


In the interest of your privacy and confidentiality, we do not store information submitted for your application in our database. Therefore, you must start and finish the online portion of this application below in one continuous session or risk losing your data and be required to start the application over from scratch. We recommend you review the application in full prior to filling it out (for example, knowing your exact GPA, test scores and replies to essay questions in advance).


Consistent with U.S. government rules and regulations for scholarship funding and distribution, we have formed a scholarship advisory board comprised of member schools to assist in formation and selection of scholarship awards. We also comply with standard policies and practices for collegiate scholarships, but we reserve the right to award our scholarships based upon any criteria and information we consider to be the most important.


Fill out the form completely. All fields are required.

Required Fields

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MBA Plans

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Essay Questions

I. What motivations and expectations do you have for going to business school? (max. 300 words)


II. Describe your unique brand/type of leadership using examples, experiences and outcomes. (max. 400 words)


III. How will your leadership qualities add value to an MBA program and how do you plan to apply yourself upon completion of an MBA degree? (max. 400 words)


In order to select award recipients, verify school enrollments and distribute scholarship funding; we will need to share parts of your scholarship application packet with member schools. Do you agree to share your scholarship application packet with member schools?