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Website: https://www.dukefuquaveterans.org/
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MBA Degree Programs

Each of our top-ranked programs is taught by the same #1 rated faculty and offers unparalleled graduate business opportunities.

Master of Business Administration – offered in 4 different program formats:
1-The Duke MBA - Daytime: our top-ranked traditional format MBA. Two years on our campus in Durham, NC

2-The Duke MBA Cross Continent: the international alternative to the Daytime program, the Cross Continent MBA is a sixteen-month program that combines distance learning with six campus “residencies” around the globe in Shanghai; London; New Delhi; Dubai; St. Petersburg; and Durham

3-The Duke MBA - Weekend: a nineteen-month program where you earn your MBA through a combination of alternating weekends on our Durham campus and distance learning modules

4-The Duke MBA - Global Executive: for business executives with a minimum of 10 years of work experience, the fifteen-month Global MBA combines distance learning and global residencies as well. Learn from your cohort and faculty in Shanghai, London, New Delhi, Dubai, St. Petersburg, and Durham, NC (no GMAT required)

Six Joint Degree Programs

  • Master of Business Administration - Juris Doctor
  • Master of Business Administration - Master of Environmental Management
  • Master of Business Administration - Masters in Public Policy
  • Master of Business Administration - MD
  • Master of Business Administration - MS in Nursing
  • Master of Business Administration - Forestry


Graduate Degree Program

  • The Master in Management Studies (MMS): Foundation of Business: a one-year, pre-experience master’s degree, the MMS program is open to individuals with a bachelor’s degree and less than 2 years of full-time work experience.

Admission Requirements

In evaluating applicants to all of our graduate business programs, we are looking for individuals who will contribute to our community, who will leave a legacy beyond graduation. Duke is looking for the motivated individual who is both a leader and a team player, a visionary and a realist, and who is driven to succeed while taking a vested interest in the success of those around him/her. We evaluate each application individually, and we look for those experiences and qualities in your application that will make you a successful student and alumnus.

Applicants to each of Duke’s MBA programs must complete and/or submit the following:

  • On-line Application Form
  • Resumé
  • Essays
  • Official GMAT Scores
  • Official TOEFL Scores (if applicable)
  • Transcripts
  • Two Recommendations
  • Nonrefundable Application Fee
  • Interview


The Duke MBA recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices and service of our military personnel. If you are currently active duty or reserve, or if you have separated from the military within the last 3 years, you are eligible to receive an application fee waiver. Please visit our website for information on how to redeem your military fee waiver.


The Fuqua School of Business is accredited by the AACSB International


Daytime MBA Tuition: $50,300/year (does not include living expenses
Cross Continent MBA tuition: $127,900
Weekend Executive MBA tuition: $109,200
Global Executive MBA tuition: $152,500

All of Duke’s graduate business programs participate in the VA’s Yellow Ribbon program. For detailed information on Duke’s participation, please visit Duke’s Office of the Registrar website. We also recognize and value the leadership experience, professionalism, and teamwork mentality that our military students bring with them, and we do award a number of merit-based scholarships to our military students annually.

Description of Learning Environment for Students

Fuqua is at the forefront of daytime business education worldwide. Our vigorous curriculum, responsiveness to change, new ideas and emphasis on teamwork parallel the entrepreneurial style, collaborative atmosphere and leadership skills required by today's - and tomorrow's - ever-changing business world. Innovation, vitality and drive are some of the qualities that students, faculty, and staff share - a spirit that is dynamic, team-oriented and intellectually challenging.


Your Duke MBA will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and cross-cultural awareness needed to become a valuable collaborative leader and able to manage effectively in global business environments. No matter which program format you choose, Daytime, Cross Continent, Global Executive or Weekend Executive, you will learn from world-class faculty (ranked #1 by Bloomberg Businessweek), you will build a global network, and you will learn to apply the leadership skills you have developed in the military to the world of business.

Daytime MBA
The environment at Duke is one that promotes teamwork, collaborative leadership, and a desire for success not just for yourself, but for your colleagues as well. We call this spirit “Team Fuqua.” With an eye always on the global environment of business, our Daytime students start the course with the three-week “Global Institute.” The Global Institute consists of three core classes upon which the rest of your Duke MBA experience is built: Leadership, Ethics, and Organizations; Global Institutions and Environments; and Consequential Leadership.

Following the Global Institute, your curriculum consists of 4 six-week terms (as opposed to semesters) that are made up of 3 or 4 classes. This arrangement allows you to take more courses with the same number of faculty contact hours as in a more traditional system — giving you greater breadth of knowledge without sacrificing depth. You will take at least 5 elective courses by the end of your first year — more if you qualify for course exemptions. This flexibility continues through your second year when you may select from a broad menu of electives and choose those in which you have a professional or personal interest. We offer specialized concentrations in all major functional areas (such as accounting, decision sciences, finance, management, marketing, operations, and strategic consulting) and in topical areas (such as entrepreneurship, international business, leadership and ethics, and social entrepreneurship). Concentrations are not required. You may choose none, one, or a maximum of two. If you choose 2 concentrations, think of the first as providing depth needed for early career success and the second as providing breadth needed for lifelong career success. Even if you choose 2 concentrations, you still have room in your schedule for additional electives to customize your MBA experience. No matter your career path, your grounding in the principles and practices of general management coupled with a specialization will expand your career opportunities.

Cross Continent MBA
The Duke MBA—Cross Continent program is designed to help full-time working professionals earn a world-class MBA in only 16 months, and to build a culturally-diverse peer network across the globe. You can continue in your military career, or begin your post-military career, while simultaneously earning a world-renowned MBA.

Cross Continent students enjoy the ability to study in locations across the world — Dubai, New Delhi, St. Petersburg, Shanghai/Kunshan, and our home campus in Durham, North Carolina — as well as at your home via our distance learning platform.

We are embedded in the world's most important economic regions, therefore you will have access to diverse classmates, companies, industries, and partners — a unique professional network not offered by any other MBA program. This program builds more than global awareness; it provides the real-world experience that will help you develop global competence and prepare you for international job responsibilities. You will:
-Build work experience and your career options
-Practice cross-cultural communication through both the curriculum and the setting
-Understand the drivers of world economies and markets
-Master business frameworks to address the world's interdependencies
-Prepare to lead a global enterprise

Global Executive MBA
The Duke MBA—Global Executive program brings together senior executives from diverse locations and industries for focused studies. The program incorporates learning experiences in contrasting economies and integrates opportunities to learn about the social, economic, political, and cultural issues affecting the ways business is conducted around the world.

Program Features:
-Gain a global leadership perspective with a curriculum and format specifically designed for global immersion.
-Live and work anywhere in the world while pursuing The Duke MBA and add immediate value to your organization.
-Team with and learn from a cohort of other global leaders with diverse backgrounds and industry experience. -Specialize with an optional concentration in:

  • Energy and Environment
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Health Sector Management (certificate available)


Weekend Executive MBA
With minimal interruption to your life and work, you will spend 19 intense months strengthening core business skills and engaging with faculty and students from a broad range of academic and applied backgrounds.

Program Features:
-All classes are delivered on Duke’s campus in Durham, NC.
-After a 1 week orientation, classes are held on alternating weekends on Fridays and Saturdays in Terms 1 - 5, with accommodations provided on Friday nights. Term 6 sessions are held on campus for 2 weeks with the remainder of the term completed online.
-Optional concentrations include Energy and Environment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing, Finance, Strategy.
-An optional Health Sector Management certificate.
-Students can travel abroad to participate in a Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE).


Fuqua students and alumni benefit from the "Research Advantage," Fuqua's dedication to hiring and developing faculty members who excel at teaching while maintaining rigorous research programs. Because the Fuqua faculty constantly makes contributions through both theoretical and applied research, Fuqua courses are infused with up-to-the-minute research content relevant to a range of business situations. Our faculty, who teach in all the graduate business programs we offer, were ranked #1 in Intellectual Capital by Bloomberg Businessweek. Our faculty pride themselves on their accessibility to students, their involvement in the classroom, and their leading-edge research.

Highlighted Faculty Member:

Professor Joe N. G. Leboeuf, Jr. (COL-Ret), has worked on the leadership program at USMA and at USAFA. A professor of Management Practice at Fuqua, he also serves as a Center Scholar at the Fuqua/Coach K Center on Leadership and Ethics (COLE).


Fuqua is proud to be recognized as an outstanding MBA program from a number of different sources:

Daytime MBA:
#6 Businessweek
#12 US News & World Report
#10 FT (U.S.)

Executive MBA rankings:
#4 US News & World Report
#6 FT EMBA Rankings

Fuqua boasts a number of renowned alumni who share a military experience and Fuqua degree. A sampling of our alumni can be found in the list below:

CPT Scotty Smiley (2007 Army Times Soldier of the Year)
BG Tim Trainor (Daytime 92) – Academic Dean, United States Military Academy at West Point

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Visit the Duke Armed Forces Association website, our Fuqua student club for individuals in and/or transitioning out of the military.