Path to MBA

As with any path in life, becoming an MBA is part personal (self), part people (relationship) and part process (environment). As you determine if an MBA is the right path for you, we would suggest the following.

1) Know Yourself & Your Situation

Military MBAs continually express the need to do a thorough self assessment. You should do likewise by determining how feasible getting an MBA would be while looking at all your life circumstances and future career goals. Consider the upside and identify potential barriers. Assess your full education and career. Evaluate what it is you like to do and have unique talents for.

2) Involve Others

Get other officers who have made similar transitions, all types of counselors (e.g., academic and career), and employer organizations actively involved. These people have valuable experience and professional expertise, and they are willing to help you out. Realize you have support available and put these networks to good use with an eye toward developing ongoing relationships.

3) Understand That It's A Process

Getting an MBA is not complicated, but it is a unique process. Understanding this and allowing yourself time to acquire general and specific knowledge of the environment will afford you every opportunity to succeed.

For more detailed information, including timelines and necessary steps involved in the process of becoming an MBA, go to MBA Timeline.