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Follow the Chief - Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Saluting Mr. Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, is a believer in military service as career prep for engineers and thinks government investment is vital to start new industries.

Schmidt, who was one of four top CEOs interviewed by Fareed Zakaria of CNN for a economic blueprint to fix the U.S. economy called Restoring the American Dream, thinks that the government needs to jump start economic activity by investing in new technologies such as the Army did with GPS/mobile telephony and DoD did with the Internet. In Start-Up Nation, he praises military leaders this way, "The Israeli tank the best engineering executive in the world. (They) are operationally the best, and they are extremely detailed oriented. This (assessment) is based on twenty years of experience - working with them and observing them."

We recognize Eric Schmidt as someone who understands the connection between education, military service, employment and success.

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Military-to-Business Transfer - Start-Up Nation

Vets are better prepared than ever for the business world.

If this is true, why do the authors also raise the most important question of the book: “Why have American innovation industries not taken better advantage of the entrepreneurial talent offered by those with U.S. military training and experience?” In a series of posts, we will explore the contradiction implied by these statements and try to close the gap between perception and reality.

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MBA News - Keys to an MBA

Using the next generation of social media to help MBA applicants and graduates.

Earlier this week, an OpEd article appeared in USA Today by Laura Vanderkam. Most advice, on how to apply college degrees, is neither unique nor helpful. Ms. Vanderkam's advice is excellent. She encourages graduates to ponder their passions, think about jobs in terms of projects and understand where their talents add value for others. More importantly, she offers up a way to apply everything by 'crowdfunding your career' using the next generation of social media tools such as Kickstarter, RocketHub, IndieGoGo and PeerBackers. View Archive